Hi Wayne! Just want to drop by this text to you! Thank you so much for capturing the beautiful moement for us!!!! It is amazing!

Denise Teoh
8 Dec 2016

Thank you Mocco for the feature and these beautiful pictures! Professional photographers Wayne Teo, TY and Jack covered our wedding and we are totally in love with the results!

Lee San Nien
7 Dec 2016

~ 感谢来自 mocco 摄影团队们的敬业精神, 值得赞赏。
你们讓我和他有机会回味那场重要的盛宴, 并将美好永远留驻。看着每一个(张)真情流露的时刻(照片), 是那么的温馨及幸福 ❤ 谢谢你 讓我和他保留了我们的 真性情。
#throwback #IVCP #9Oct2016

Chiu Pheng
7 Dec 2016

Thanks TY Lim and Wayne Teo for capturing our beautiful moments !
Chee Hui Theng
14 June 2016

To the lovely people at Mocco. First, I would like to thank you for having such a wonderful talent, passion and love to your clients. Every photo tells a story, capturing the feeling of how we suppose to feel even when we revisit each of them later. We are such a lucky couple among many of them, posing in front of your lens, travel and have fun together. We can’t express how much we love these photos, the flexibility you gave us, and most important delivered much more than what we expected. We sincerely thank you for making our marriage a perfect one, with our pre-wedding and wedding photos managed by you. Here, me & cannas would like to thank, specially for TY Lim, Xjun Lee and Kitoki Tan for making all these a reality. We will be sure, looking back at these photos many years later, and smile, treasure and remember that we trust the right person. smile emoticon Thank you so much!

J&C – Jim Khor & Cannas Lee
11 June 2015

Wayne & Jack
Thank you both for the wonderful work you have done on June 7, 2015. It was a great event and your contributions and patience were 1st class. Irene and myself are both very very very very very very happy!

Wilson & Irene
09 June 2015

Always the BEST choice… All lovely moments captured..Is almost half year but we still cant stop viewing every shoot from Mocco..really sweet n lovely. Thanks a lot for all the great photos… We really love it sooO much 🙂 Especially thanks to Wayne Teo.. Thanks for your great n profesional.. Is AWESOME~

03 June 2015

Thanks mocco for making beautiful memory for my family

Erfi Lim
11 November 2014

Special Thanks to Mocco & Wayne Teo Wei Yong for the beautiful photos for our wedding actual day. It’s hard to describe how happy I was when I received the photos from Mocco. I truly impressed by the professionalism of the photographer Wayne Teo, his determination to complete the task despite his leg injury *he hardly can walk and struggling during the event. I would like to thanks him also for calm me down when I was nervous and strive to capture every important moments. I have full records of all my sweet memories now, BIG thanks to you once again — with Wayne Teo Wei Yong.

Sean & Shu Hui
03 November 2014

Hi TY & Wayne, just wan to drop a line to say thank u so much for taking our pictures during our wedding nite in E&O Hotel. We can’t wait to c all the lovely pictures during that day and thanks again for the guidance n also professionalism from u both. Thank u both again. Regards, Lydia & Bryan.

Bryan & Lydia
10 September 2014

Mocco has made the entire photoshoot really easy and fun!! Thanks for all the amazing shots. We absolutely love it. And I bet Boss loves it too. Hehe

21 May 2014

We are glad & are extremely honored to have Mocco.my to tell our story through still images. Moments such as this only happen once in a lifetime, and they’ve help to make it beautifully embedded in our memories. Thank you once again Wayne Teo Wei Yong :)) *K&J

Janice & Kenny
23 February 2014

Love all the photos. It turns out exactly how i want it to be if it’s not better. So natural!
Thanks mocco! It was really an amazing experience to work with you all. Such an awesome team.

Jie & Lit
24 June 2013

Wayne, want to thank you and Jack for taking great pictures for Kan and my wedding. A lot of compliments from our family, friends and co-workers. The kudo goes to you and Jack. Great work!

Tiffany Shu Wern Tye
04 Apr 2013

Thanks TY and Team. You guys did an amazing job. Pictures are brilliant and natural. It was definitely pleasant and fun shooting with both of you. This was kinda our “post-wedding” shots and it just added to our “Favourites”..in fact the “top favourites” wedding collections. Hope to engage you all in near future again!

Euodia Ooi
14 Dec 2012


09 Nov 2012

Dear TY, Mien & Mocco
million thanks you and your team did such an amazing job that not only did we think so, but every one of my family and friends are all agreed… you and your team are extremely talented and we loved our photographers for the day, we felt that it is very professional of you to help us capturing all the great moments of the day and all the hard work that you put in making that day unforgettable for us ♥ ~ your service was very professional and we will definitely recommend your service to all our family and friends ^o^ Thank you again for all your work and dedication in making my bb chun xi 1st party so wonderful! ♥ ~ GREAT BIG HUGSS **

Lyn Yugata
23 Aug 2012

Thank you for doing such an amazing job for us! Love the photos and videos so far!! 🙂 ‘kong wah kong wah, chio chio’

Karen Teoh Jun Li
20 Aug 2012

wow!!!!!! i loooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeee it soooooo much!!!!! very touching u all give us have a very sweet sweet memories & thanks mocco team !! especially thanks TY & Xjun for de shooting!! thanks mien for de all decoration!! u make our grandma house feel very romantic & sui sui !! thanks Angela for make up & hairdo , Thanks kitoki for special hairdo & ur ribbon ^_^ waaahhh!! love so much!!!!

Janice & Desmond
13 Jul 2012

Million thanks to Mocco and the team! It was tiring yesterday for our Pre-wedding shoot but overall we had fun ;). Also without your team, we would not be able to make our shoot successful. Really can’t wait to see the masterpiece 😉

Veronica Foo
18 June 2012

I indescribable about this album
Is make my life keep up more Pretty memories.
>>> thanks all of you,I’ll Love it so much cii…

13 Feb 2012

Wayne Teo & Ming Hong…I love the style of the way you shoot. Wow…I can hardly find words to describe it. I LOVE IT!!! So simple yet so beautiful….^^

Celine Tay
13 Jan 2012

Well, what can I say–the photos speak for themselves.

Thank you TY for a job well done, for being discrete on the day itself and yet being seemingly present at every special moment that passed. Thank you for capturing the essence of the day, which was about family, friends and an extension of my love for Alison to all present in those few special hours.

You have our eternal gratitude, and a whole-hearted recommendation for anyone else thinking of sharing the special event with you.

Best wishes,
12 Jan 2012

“11/6/2011 ~ Single life no MORE~. Eventually i had “Amore Ang”….I have a dream~When I can be “SOULD OUT”, I want the important people in my memories, especially something can bring out my memories always and can be seen anytime. Pictures are the most warm and great things can recall people memories.

Wayne and Ming Hong done for me! I really appreciate what they did on my BIG DAY@ I wanted to say thank you to both of them! They CATCH all memory for me. Wayne…Please don’t tell me smile “politely & lady” I can’t do that! 🙂

Ming Hong…thank you so much on taking photo for my in law and my Amore~Happy family picture. They love that picture so much~!.

Thank you so much on your effort! Please take my “foot&hand&head” anytime anywhere~~”

Angeline Ng
27 Dec 2011

“Wayne, I would like to THANK YOU very very very very much for your professional service! we were impressed with your service and your GORGEOUS WORK! It’s really very important to have a good photographer on your BIG BIG DAY as it will only happen ONCE in your life time! Thanks to Ming Hong too! We’ll give you 2 A’s – ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! = D”

Daph Tan
29 Dec 2011

Hi TY & Jack! We love love love the pictures you took! You really captured the day and us so well 🙂

Although we enjoyed ourselves so much the day went by so quickly….so……Alex is game for another celebration so watch this space! Haha!

1 December 2011


  1. nicHoLe

    Always the BEST choice… All lovely moments captured..
    Is almost half year but we still cant stop viewing every shoot from Mocco..really sweet n lovely
    Thanks a lot for all the great photos… We really love it sooO much 🙂
    Especially thanks to Wayne Teo.. Thanks for your great n proffesional.. Is AWESOME~

  2. Wilson & Irene

    Wayne & Jack
    Thank you both for the wonderful work you have done on June 7, 2015. It was a great event and your contributions and patience were 1st class.
    Irene and myself are both very very very very very very happy!

    Regards, Wilson

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