Just The Way We Are

KK * Grace I envy the groom…He sang Just the Way You Are (by Bruno Mars, just […]

New Chapter

Shang * Selyn ah….the little girl i have known for over 20yrs have now grown up, and […]

Bob * Xian

It’s the same old story, a boy met a girl and they got married. Period. BUT, though […]

Expecting Miracle ~

Steven & Regine, these are my presents to your kids, I hope they will like it when […]

Roy & Sim Yee

A “Skirttish” Wedding I Love Penang…this small island truly attracts everyone, as well as Penang girls …. […]

A Kiss From Singapore

Gary & May After 2 months, we decided to follow Gary and May back to Singapore… (we […]

Ron * WyWy

It is not usual to have couples that basically leave it all to the photographer, and not […]

Gary & May

“Singapore is all the same….” “Penang also all the same…” “But we want some thing special…” “Penang […]