Audrey & Tim

Colors have never been far from the lives of both Timothy and Audrey. Tim, being a very colourful and bright character had came out with the idea of a Meme proposal, which was secretly video recorded and went viral on Youtube – portraying the real beauty of a surprise wedding proposal and Audrey’s spontaneous reactions. Nice~! Audrey who adores colors and everything Japanese completes the jigsaw of these two lovers. So it is only correct that their big day was so full of colors, from the decorations to the rainbow chi-muis – colours, colours, colours. And after that is set and done – at the end of day or rainbow, one thing’s for sure they sure had found the gold in each other.



  1. TongTong Chem

    so nice~!

  2. love the photos, wayne and team! 🙂 meeting you at the wedding was such a pleasure too 🙂

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