Cody + Veronica

From the first day that we met, my feeling told me that you are different.
Knowing that I am not perfect, but you’ve complete me!
I like the way you cherish me, make me coffee when I’m sleepy…
Been dating for 3 & half years, and that’s what I’m about to say…
Just can’t stop loving you again & again… My love to you will never end…


A note to my boo, long life partner, lover and best friend – Cody BB,

I have been searching so long to find someone to love and be loved in return unconditionally. Till I was led to you. You bewitched my heart, mind and soul. Stirring me from within, feeling like as though I was being ZOMBIFIED.

Magnetized by the way you looked into my eyes. The warmth embraces that breaks my little cold stony heart. A kiss that fires up my old life battery to recharge again.

Being with you never will I need to wake up in blue. Just as simple as smiling and kissing you every morning I wake up, knowing no matter what you will be there for me.

This is a journey of love is here to stay, from the moment you knelt down before me and asking me “Will you marry me?” Now that I found you, I want nothing more but only you.

And every day I long to say “Ah Boo, I love you! I love you for the man you want to be, the man you almost is. I love you even when you are going bald. I love you even your skin grows old. I love you and never wish to be parted from you this day on. It’s all because YOU COMPLETE ME, Ah Boo!”

Love you always,

Veron BB

Both Cody and Veron decided to spend their entire lives to make each other much more blessed and happy together when they commit themselves to start a journey of family life together.

Cody, tagged a gentleman with lost of funny ideas or we usually say the young and energetic ideas is a warm and funny groom as compared to his dear bride and love of his life, Veron, the lady though small in size yet she exudes lively with lots of effortless confidence in her.

Initially we had proposed a lot of concept choices and ideas and attempted to also plan many different ideas. As the days of pre wedding shooting drawing near, we found that the natural and vivacious will best suit these 2 fun and fuzzy loving couple.

This time, our shooting had been the extraordinary! Though time for preparation extended, yet we can say we did it with a blast!

We wish to say many Congratulations for your upcoming wedding! We can’t wait to see you both for your love flourishing for eternity.

May this journey of your life together will be as how you had reflected in your dance moves nailing it as perfect as ever.

Cheers and love from mocco 🙂


  1. So LOVELY ~~~ great album!!

  2. Winston Louis

    You guys look so wonderful together… The photos really captured the essence of true love shared by two absolutely love birds… 🙂

  3. Ginny

    it’s awesome..! sweet n warm!
    diff with those traditional style pre-wedding album~~
    may you both have a blissful marriage!

    photographer, well done!

  4. Pei Sie

    Love your shots. The styles of your pictures look like Korean Drama. They said the mood of the pictures depends on how both couples knows each others 🙂 Happy couples make happy pictures. May both of you be blissful. Congratulations 🙂

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