Desmond & Janice

The human couples and the dog couples are unique in their own ways, each of them are memorable in their own ways too. We met a lot of fun and interesting couples but none like this combination. Janice and Desmond with their lovely companions, Snowy and Peanut. We do not get to shoot a double couples shot everyday, is like going out on a double date. We love to shoot the human, and now we love to shoot our four-legged friends as well. This is becoming addictive now.

Thank you Mien for the awesome backdrop and decoration, we had fun creating something new.

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  1. janice & desmond

    wow!!!!!! i loooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeee it soooooo much!!!!! very touching u all give us have a very sweet sweet memories & thanks mocco team !! especially thanks TY & Xjun for de shooting!! thanks mien for de all decoration!! u make our grandma house feel very romantic & sui sui !! thanks Angela for make up & hairdo , Thanks kitoki for special hairdo & ur ribbon ^_^ waaahhh!! love so much!!!!

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