Mike + Lynn

The wondrous scenic view of Bali has always been a very relax way to travel around, same goes with this trip with both the future husband and wife.  Mike + Lynn have both decided to journey onto another phase of life after being together for almost 10 years.  This couple entertained me in their many fun and interesting ways which made me enjoyed the time of our photo shooting at that time. The intimate way of how they both shown towards one another had also gave me a lot of touching tears. One of such  include as if I can see the bride’s eyes expressed herself towards her groom that this is definitely my one true man. I am truly happy for both of them over that they both shown their devotion over each other and I believe they are all ready to journey together in another newness phase of life to venture into. You both are really nice couple!!!  Congratulations~ ^^





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    Love the whole series… can feel the fun and romantic !
    Color tone is very nice tooo!
    BIG LOVE for this series !

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