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Andrew * Chin Siew

Bali, like a very good coffee, I kept coming back for more. It’s aroma and charm never cease to amaze me everytime… and shooting weddings here is like having double shot. Very song!!

Villa Mary plays host to wedding, which was kept small and personal. The weather was cooperative – supplying streams of sunlight, complete with a romantic sunset. But the highlight of the wedding wasn’t the scenery. It was during the moment the hand of the bride left her father’s hand… and another set of hands held her. The bride’s dad gave a very assuring smile that her daughter is in good hands. This moment of intimacy….. magic.

The balinese band kept the mood by playing a mix of songs and one that stood out was a chinese number, “月亮代表我的心”.. WOW!! Bands are really international nowadays. hahaha.

Anyway have a look-see at the pictures captured …… with a cup of hot coffee. 🙂


  1. miku

    sui~ nice series…wa suka

    • mocco (Author)

      Thank you very much Miku 🙂

  2. Stacey

    Like your shots, very impressive work!

    • mocco (Author)

      Thanks for visiting our humble gallery Stacey, cheers

  3. Andrew

    Like this very much.. 🙂

    • mocco (Author)

      Thanks Andrew 🙂

  4. Ching

    which resort is this? Beautiful work!

    • mocco (Author)

      Villa Mary in Bali. Thank you very much for the compliment ^ ^

  5. Pak

    Great works! Thumbs up ;))

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