Wayne & MunMun

안녕하세요 ! It’s spring time in Korea !

Congratulations to Wayne and Mun Mun. It was an aspiring trip in Seoul and they have literally found their soul mates. They are finally officially together :).

Look at Mun Mun, she is definitely happy 🙂 She loves Hello Kitty and Wayne likes kimchi. What a couple 😛 siao siao couple run around Seoul and drink kopi like no tomorrow, I wonder what the Koreans are whispering when they see us.

This time I am also trying new style with ultra-wide angle. With the backdrop of Seoul, with great weather there, it was just great!

We like Seoul, there are still many places to explore in Korea. Maybe we will go back again for another shoot, what say you?


  1. Love every moment, lovely couple and all the best my friend 🙂

  2. TongTong Chem

    每张照片都把幸福的感觉呈现了出来! so sweet~!

  3. Ice Lai


  4. Icecool check

    Such a perfect match ,Amazing places , good shooting on your wedding picture and so on…Im so happy that ,CHERISH around beside with you,dear mun mun. wishing you all the best <3

  5. elise

    love this album , love this couple smiles <3 so lovely…wish mun mun wake up early, pray for her <3

  6. hannah lim

    mun mun …wish u all the best …pray for u recover soon n wake up ya….god bless u

  7. KhaiMay Loh

    Dear God, I pray for Mun Mun that you will place your healing hands upon her and guide her through recovery and keep her safe. I pray that both her and her life partner (Wayne) can find strength, love, and peace of mind through you. I pray that they will see all of your love and blessings. Thank you dear God, Amen.

  8. Beatrice Au

    Dear Lord, please wrap your loving arms around Mun Mun. and heal her body from all sickness, anxiety, and discomfort. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  9. eelyn wong


  10. SD


  11. GENE

    Hey , what happened to Mun Mun ? 🙁

  12. Meizi

    I wish I got a photographer like u!

  13. lovely couple, such a perfect match your wedding picture & perfectly happy…
    wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

    • mocco (Author)

      Thank you Alice Tan, we believe they will 🙂

  14. nicHoLe

    Lovely… Wish u both love forever n stay happy always~

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