Happy Anniversary

Pink – the universal color of LOVE;
and LOVE – the foundation of a perfect family;
and A perfect family – where life begins and LOVE never ends…

Edwin, Erfi & little Grace. Charming and lovely just as her name describes, she is indeed a beautiful creation handmade by God.

A light to our world she has brought from the day we laid eyes on her 3 years ago,
she has since became a day brightener and a heart warmer.

How time flies, little by little our angel grew, falling head over heels for her, yes, she has stolen every single bit of our hearts.

Colors of the rainbow filled our lives just by holding her little hands, hearing her laughter and taking a glimpse of the smile on her face.

“Our dearest angel, you have fetched so much joy and happiness to us,
and without doubt it is our honour and pleasure to have been given the privilege to be your mummy and daddy.
So our sweet angel, if a hug represents how much we love you, then in our arms you will forever be held.”

♥ Daddy & Mommy ♥

Bouncing here and there, giggling all the way… her every single tiny action takes our breath away.

She’s a natural, posing happily for the camera without whining really helped ease our job!
Though it was tiring, but it was all worthwhile to see flashes of happy faces that spread contagious joy.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you have reminded us the purpose of our existence!

♥ mocco ♥

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